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Ramadan: Cleric tasks Muslims on child upbringing

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Ramadan: Cleric tasks Muslims on child upbringing

Alfa Mohammed Yusuf-Ojoku, an Ilorin-based cleric on Wednesday in Ilorin advised Muslims to ensure the proper upbringing of their children in the way of Islam.

Yusuf-Ojoku, who made the call in his Ramadan tafsir entitled: ” Children upbringing in Islam,” said that Muslims should ensure that they marry god-fearing wives.

‘’Muslims should marry Godly-conscious spouses, so as to get God-fearing children because parental care has an impact on the child.

“When a child is born in Islam, you’re expected to call the (Adhan) prayer in the baby’s ear.

“Also you are expected to sacrifice a ram, give a good name to the child, and shave the head of the child according to Islamic tradition.

“Avoid giving an evil nickname to children, any name you link to a child becomes the character of that child,” he said.

The cleric told the story of Prophet Lukman, who enjoined his son to worship Allah and be good to society.

According to him, Prophet Lukman gave good advice to his children, which had yielded good fruits till today.

“O, my son! do not tie your heart to seeking worldly pleasures, but always seek the ways of God, so that you can succeed.

“Do not pay attention to what people say O, my son! we have enjoined man to be dutiful and good to his parents.

“Offer prayers perfectly, enjoin people for good, and avoid evil, be patient whatever befalls you, and swell not thy cheek (for pride) at men, nor walk insolence through the earth; and lower thy voice; for the harshest of sounds, without doubt, is the braying of the as,” he added.

Yusuf-Ojoku called on Muslims to teach children to be Godly conscious and know that Allah was aware of ‘’our actions and inaction.’’

“Ensure that your child prays Salat prayers as early as seven years, and when they reach 10 years, discipline them when they refuse to pray,” he added.

The cleric frowned at parents who were too fond of their children by refusing to discipline them.

He said that parents should teach their children equally about other cultures, whether rich or poor, adding that they should also be taught to be humble and kind.

The cleric advised Muslims to always seek forgiveness for the departed souls.

“The society will never achieve a state of felicity except that the family structure is peaceful and Godly conscious,” he said

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